[Exclusive] The Evolution of Inaniwa Udon - Mini Lecture + Tasting @ Inaniwa Yosuke


For this very exclusive Inaniwa Yosuke x Totemo Japan collaboration, we'll be experiencing the traditions and evolutions of one of the oldest udon makers in Japan!

Inaniwa Yosuke has recently opened its first store in Wisma Atria's Japan Food Town, and will be giving our Japanophiles a deep dive into their 300 year old tradition of smooth, chewy udon + a tasting session involving previews of their secret upcoming menu! sshhh!

For the connoisseurs, Inaniwa Yosuke's udon hails from Inaniwa town in Akita Prefecture. For hundreds of years, it was closely guarded secret that only serves the imperial family. Different from most udon we see, Inaniwa udon is thinner, smoother, and more delicate. Wow. Is this udon truly fit for a king? We can't wait to try it!

More about Inaniwa Yosuke here: http://www.japanfoodtown.sg/stores/inaniwa-yosuke


6.15-6.30pm: Arrive at the restaurant and settle into your favourite seats

6.30-7pm: Dive into the world of Inaniwa Yosuke and the history Inaniwa udon

7-8pm: Indulge in dinner and tasting sessions of existing + new dishes

8-8.30pm: Take part in Inaniwa Yosuke's evolving history by providing valuable feedbacks for their new menu decisions!

8.30pm: Take home with you a wonderful experience :D

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Fri Nov 4, 2016
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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Inaniwa Yosuke
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435 Orchard Road, WIsma Atria L4, Japan Food Town, Singapore 238877 Singapore
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